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Legal system in the Republic of Belarus reflects the main regulations of the Court System in the Republic of Belarus. One can find in this brochure answers to numerous questions: what is the difference between General and Economic Courts, between civic and criminal cases; get a clear idea about order of appeal to General and Economic Courts; requirements to a bill of complaint, to a size of state legal expenses and cases of exemption from them. The brochure contains also basic norms of behaviour in the hall of judicial sittings.




Notary activity in the Republic of Belarus reflects some aspects of notary activity, enumerates rights and responsibilities of notaries, of authorised persons at the implementation of notarial acts; there are basic regulations of notary activity, rates of state notarial fees for the most widespread notarial acts, description of a notary procedure, the order of law appeals to the Court or to the Bodies of Justice; information on possibilities of delays of a notarial act and resignation of its implementation. Three notary acts are described in this book thoroughly, they are: a certificate of procuracy, a certificate of testaments and a certificate of signature authenticity. The brochure provides a list of Minsk State Notary Offices and supplies with examples of some documents (a testament, written personally by a testator and signed by him in a witnesss presence and a procuracy for pension receiving).




Advocacy the publication adumbrates advocacy, opens its main principles and structure in the Republic of Belarus. The following terms are examined in the brochure: legal adviser, advocacy, advocatory secrecy, there is a list of persons, who, by act of law, do not have a right to be engaged into advocacy; information on general advocatory authorities and responsibilities for derelictions of duty. High emphasis is placed on costs of advocatory services.





Out-of-court Defence  the brochure reviews major methods of defence out-of-court defence briefly: oral and written appeals of citizens to State Bodies, assertion through NGO creation and NGO activity. There is a list of the main State Bodies (with addresses), to which citizens can apply in case of assertion in the appendix to the book.





Your rights as a consumer of commodities and services the following terms are considered in the book: consumer, seller, executor, quality of goods, warranty period, use-by date, and some others. The brochure contains a list of basic consumer rights, responsibilities of a producer and a maker, seller responsibilities for poor quality goods sold. One can find answers to the questions: where should you apply to in case of consumer claim and what kind of aid can be offered by the official bodies. Apart from that, a contact information about Consumer Rights Protection NGOs is given in the brochure.





Prosecution reflects general notions of Office of Public Prosecutor, its main tasks and principles, bodies, fields of activities of a public prosecutor and his competition in every field of activity; specifies acts of Directorate of Public Prosecutions. There is also an order description of appeal in case of prosecutors action and the way of state costs reimbursement


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