The project "Great art by the hands of small people" was launched!

From 19 to 21 June the first stage of the project implemented by the World Without Borders Charitable NGO  "Great art by the hands of small people", aimed at improving the integration into society of inmates of orphanages and special educational institutions, the development of their creative abilities, and attracting the attention of society to their abilities and talents, took place. The stage of 2015 is already the fourth in a row and is dedicated to the theatre arts. Partner of the event is the National Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Gorky.
On the 19th of June the specialist in psychodrama and simulation worked with a group of young people on teambuilding using the technique of Improvisation Theater. This kind of activity is an absolute novelty for each of them, but they all did their best and worked at maximum capacity.
Two next days children and young people spent in the company of the actors of the National Academic Drama Theatre named after M. Gorky: Alexander Vergunov, Alexander Zhdanovich, Anastasia Shpakovskaya, Sergei Yurevich and Pavell Yevtushenko. All the participants were divided into five groups, each of which received its passage from a fairy tale "Mukha Tsokotukha" by K.Chukovsky. Each of the artists played the role of a mentor for a patronage group. In the afternoon, small performances were presented to the audience. It's so amazing how in such a short period of time each group was able to prepare a little masterpiece. Although there is an explanation, of course: it was professionals who were working with children! Participants pilled the imaginary potatoes and tried to flee from a hungry visionary wild. All the exercise were not only performing arts, but aimed at development of the ability to feel a partner, to see and trust him/her. The next meeting is scheduled for the 8th -10th of July.
We’re already looking forward to a next meeting!
Photos - Anastasia Tarachenko (c)
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22 June 2015 

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