Presentation of the Project Adolescent and Young Single Mothers

Despite all the surprises of the weather, January 12, 2016 was a great day! The team of Healthy Choice with the financial support of Forum Syd (Sweden) presented the project Adolescent and Young Single Mothers. The project is being implemented in the Volozhin, Minsk and Pukhovichi districts of Minsk region.
The event was attended by representatives of the Department of Education of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee, experts of social and pedagogical centers and territorial social services centers and health departments of Volozhin, Minsk and Pukhovichi districts, representatives of Belarusian public organizations, psychologists, journalists and public figures.
The participants discussed the topical issues of early motherhood and the difficulties faced by young and single mothers, as well as the ways to support and assist adolescent and single mothers. An important part of the event was the presentation of professional and personal experience of supporting adolescent mothers and raising children by single mothers.
Natalia Vorobey, a master educational psychologist of the Social and Pedagogical Center of Sovietsky District of Minsk spoke about the organization of the club for adolescent mothers at the Center, shared her vision of the problem and offered effective methods of psychological support.
Natalia Tereshchenko, a teacher of French, journalist and active blogger, shared the main highlights of her personal experience of raising a child with special needs. In a vivid and emotional way she told about the difficulties and pitfalls facing a single mother, when there is no support from the relatives and friends, no understanding on the part of the society.
Prevention of early motherhood, discussion of gender roles and gender characteristics are the main focus of work conducted with participants of the Leninsky District Children`s Camp by Lyudmila Frolova, a psychologist of the Minsk City Family and Child Social Services Center. In her speech, she underlined the particular importance of the project for adolescent and young single mothers.
Katerina Kovrova is a founder and business consultant of Healthy Choice, director of Katerina Kovrova`s Family Center, specialist with 14 years of experience working with graduates of residential institutions, mothers and girls at risk. Within the project, Katerina will compile a Day Planner of Young Mother. The purpose of the day planner is to support a young mother at the beginning of her motherhood, to show the ways of solving difficult situations, to provide a charge of emotions, to develop her resources and to strengthen the faith in her own capacity.
It will be a modern sketch book with finished illustrated pages. The day planner will have place for simple recipes, pages with tales, inspirational stories and quotes of famous people, and pages for drawing.
Representatives of Belarusian public organizations shared their experience and vision of the problem of early motherhood and the issues of prevention of child abandonment. The colleagues from SOS Children`s Villages Belarus told about the work of the social center Happy Child in Minsk, which provides support to families in difficult life situations.
The project Adolescent and Young Single Mothers is supported by the known TV- and radio presenter, novelist, TV director, scriptwriter and mother of many children  Tamara Lisitskaya. She expressed her willingness to participate and assist the project. Tamara`s poems about children, the joy and harmony they bring to the mother, her velvet voice and emotional recitation left no one indifferent!
The project will comprise a lot of important and interesting events. These include preparation and printing of The Saga of Young Mothers, which will tell about 15 life stories, 15 destinies. Through these stories, the experts will be able to understand the life of adolescent and young mothers, their concerns and the help and support they need.
At the presentation, experts from different spheres learned more about each other`s work in this direction, which will help them to coordinate further action plans and provide more effective support to young mothers
A significant part of the project will be the organization of a mobile photo exhibition depicting the participating families. Its main objective will be to promote family values and traditions, to enhance the self-confidence of the mothers. The head of Babystory studio, fashion model and wonderful mother Natalia Mironchuk, a long-term partner of Healthy Choice, will be the inspirer and photographer of the exhibition.
The event got very positive feedback from the participants.
Natalia Mironchuk, head of Babystory studio, photographer, fashion model:
"Thank you very much for the warm, kind and focused meeting. The vector is set, I saw the burning eyes of the participants and experts, and the outlined ideas are great))) We will certainly do it! "
Dinara Arutyunova, social work specialist of Hope and Recovery Confidence Center, NGO:
"As always, the event was held at a high professional level! Thanks to the organizers and participants of the round table! The theme of the project is relevant to the Belarusian society as a whole. Good luck to the team of Healthy Choice!"
Olga Paromchik, director of Pukhovichi District Social and Pedagogical Center:
"We are happy to participate in this wonderful project. We have high expectations and willingness to work. Today`s event has inspired us to develop an effective support system for adolescent and young mothers in the district."
We are grateful to the colleagues from the public and governmental organizations for the willingness to move in the same direction, using modern and effective forms of work.
Special thanks to Brosh Aesthetics Studio for the design of a remarkable and cozy photo zone for the participants of the round table.
Thanks to all the participants of the round table for the support of our project and cooperation in the provision of effective assistance and support to adolescent and young single mothers!
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The project Adolescent and Young Single Mothers is supported by the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee and registered at the Department of Humanitarian Affairs of the Presidential Affairs Office.
For cooperation, contact Project Coordinator Tatiana Pimkova:
tel: + 37544-547-34-61
Information support of the project - REBENOK.BY
19 January 2016

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