Office for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities starts the project “To Act with Infinite Possibilities”

The project will be implemented jointly by the “Office for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities” Educational Rights Defending Organization (Belarus) and the “School of Leaders” Association (Poland).

A group of 15 persons from different regions of Belarus will be formed. As many as 5 Polish alumni of the School of Leaders will join the Belarusian participants.

The purpose is to develop leadership qualities of the activists from the designated organizations and initiatives with a view to more active defending the rights of persons with disabilities. During the program, the participants, together with Polish colleagues, will have to develop their mini-projects for subsequent implementation in Belarus.

The program will also include a study visit, for the Belarusian participants to share the experience and best practices of the Polish NGOs and institutes engaged in promotion of interests of persons with disabilities.

For more information please see the web-page:


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