“MoloKo” will bust the “young” myths

 “MoloKo” new web-magazine (www.rrby.org), which a mixture of youth, integration and experiments, opened on the initiative of “Different – Equal” Belarusian Youth Non-Governmental Organization.

The magazine will help to have a new look at life – without any myths, prejudices, and negative stereotypes. This unique project will disclose the life of young people with disabilities, their interaction with their healthy counterparts.
- We wish to show real life of common young people, real emotions and events, - said Vadim Koloshkin, chair of “Different – Equal” Belarusian Youth Non-Governmental Organization.
One can read in the magazine:
- what prevents special young people from chumming up
- how to stay in the forest for two weeks, without beer and chanson
- what blind people come short of in the Minsk subway 
- why “meetings for sale” gain popularity
- how to get rid of barriers to communication through controlled provocation
For more please read: www.rrby.org
For additional information please call: +375 (29) 555-68-38
Group in Vkontakte social network: – vk.com/molokorrby
“Different – Equal” Belarusian Youth Non-Governmental Organization
Press release of June 4, 2013

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