Mini-Projects Under Way

Implementation of the mini-projects aimed at providing assistance and support to alcoholic families is under way in the five districts of Belarus (Baranovichi, Borisov, Lida, Orsha, Shklov).
In Lida district, a series of meetings and presentations for parents whose children are in need of state protection and live in the department of the children`s social shelter was held within mini-project Family - the Place of Care.
Their main topics:
· Who are AA?
· On the organization of psychological studio Renaissance
· Activities in leisure time
· Joint family leisure (presentation of club Our Happy Family).
Psychological and corrective classes with elements of art-therapy (Sun Beam, Flower Meadow) for young children rehabilitated at the shelter and group sessions with elements of training for teenagers (Sun Within Every Person, Country of Good Feelings) are organized and conducted. 16 parents and 23 children have participated in the activities.
The events were held within the project  Home Is Where the Heart Is implemented by Healthy Choice Non-Governmental Organization in cooperation with  ICDI (Netherlands) with the support from the ЕС.
16 October 2016

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