EU’s Clima East project helps preserve Belarusian peatlands


Fighting climate change, preventing soil degradation and peat fires and preserving biodiversity of peatlands were just a few of the topics discussed during a workshop organised by the EU-funded project Clima East in the “Sporauski” biological reserve in Belarus on 15 August.

The seminar gathered representatives of green projects to share experiences in sustainable management of Belarusian peatlands. Clima East demonstrated the work of equipment necessary for biomass harvesting and transportation, which it provided for the Sporauski reserve in 2016.

The workshop was preceded by Sporauski hayfields festival on 8-9 August, where Clima East demonstrated its nature protection projects implemented in Belarus.

The Clima East pilot project in Belarus aims to address the most critical problems of the country’s peatland conservation and management, seeking to demonstrate innovative approaches to ecosystem-based climate mitigation and adaptation at peatlands.

The Clima East project supports climate change mitigation and adaptation in the Eastern Partnership countries and Russia. More specifically, it aims to foster improved climate change policies, strategies and market mechanisms and bring them more in line with the EU acquis in the partner countries, by supporting regional cooperation and improving access to information regarding EU climate change policies and the acquis.

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