EU project contributes to Belarus tourism branding


EU funded project "Support to Sustainble Tourism Development in Belarus" contributes to Belarus' tourism branding and International branding conference in Minsk.

The project has been developing proposals for strategic tourism development, branding and marketing of 5 pilot destinations: Polack, Miadziel, Mscislaŭ, Kamieniec & Pružany and Aŭhustoŭski kanal. In order to incorporate branding and positioning of 5 destinations into the national branding system, a strategy of Belatrus' tourism was developed.

Based on brandinng and positioning of the destinations and the country, logos were developed; and after consultations with beneficiaries, 5 final logos for 5 destinations were presented. Proposals for Belarusian tourism are still to be discussed and further elaborated together with the main beneficiary – Ministry of Sports and Tourism.

Branding of tourism destinations is an important issue and a great problem in tourism marketing. Department of Tourism of the Ministry of Sports and Tourism discussed this issue with the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). This resulted in an international tourism conference on destination branding “Innovative Ideas to Attract Tourists”, coorganized by the UNWTO, Belarus Olympic Committee and the EU funded project.

The project has significantly contributed to the drafting of the conference programme and selection of speakers. At this conferenece, project experts will present the main results related to branding of Belarus and 5 destinations, as well as the results of efficient marketing using new IT tools.

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