ABG-Chance: Support for the voluntary work for girls and young women in

The project is implemented by the Association of Belarusian Girl-Guides, Children's Non-Governmental Organisation, under the support of the Girl-Guides and Scouts Association of Denmark. 

The project will contribute to formation of active citizenship of the Association members, strengthening their role in solution of urgent problems in the society. Special attention is devoted to cooperation between girl-guides and children who are in a trying situation.
The project is divided into three stages. Currently, the third (final) stage is under implementation (2010-2012), where the focus is on strengthening the Association’s potential with a view to ensure broad participation of Belarusian girls and women in public activity.
Lines of activities within the third project stage (2010-2012):
1.      Increase in the number of the Association members;
2.      Involvement of regional organizations of the Association in solution of problems of local communities; development of cooperation with local authorities and non-governmental organizations;
3.      arrangement of a campaign for formation of image of the Association as a modern non-governmental organization which meets the needs of Belarusian girls and young women.
Project participants:
·      members of the Association of Belarusian Girl-Guides
·      children who are in a trying situation
·      girls and young women from local communities
·      representatives of the Girl-Guides and Scouts Association of Denmark
For more details see the attached file (in the Russian language)
For contacts:
Lilia Semochkina
Project coordinator
Tel. 375 29 61 222 69
375 29 8638702
Tel./fax 375 17 269 90 21

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