Special focus on training activities is seen as one of pre-requisites of efficient operation for an organization of UWB type. Quality trainings are identified the most acute current needs by the non-profit community. UWB strives to bring NGO's' attention to topical issues of NGO management, leadership, legal and financial regulations of NGO activity, use of modern technology etc. by means of its regular activities which will include the following: training workshops and seminars, consultancy, dissemination of relevant information resources, etc.

Training activities remain on-going initiatives of UWs programs. Moreover, UW will offer new workshops and training courses on topical issues pertinent to NGO activity and the three sectors' collaboration.


Training events for Level 1 clients

  • Non-profit sector: its role in a society and relation to government and business sectors;
  • Organizational development;
  • Human resources in NGO. Paid staff and volunteers ;
  • Legal regulation of NGO activity;  Strategic planning and project development;
  • Proposal writing;
  • Fundraising techniques;
  • Public relations in the third sector;
  • Lobbying public sector interests;
  • Bookkeeping, taxation, accountability, and other peculiarities of NGO financial management;
  • Modern information technology in the work of an NGO;
  • Business correspondence.


Training events for Level 2 clients

  • Tutorials. UWB provides teaching or instructions to those who participated in ABC course or other equivalent training courses and now wish to obtain expanded expertise on the following subjects:
  • recruitment of staff and volunteers;
  • PR events;
  • local fundraising;
  • proposal writing;
  • project management and reporting;
  • bookkeeping in an NGO;
  • management of business papers and office work;
  • modern technologies (PC, scanner, printer, photocopying machine, etc) and their options (INTERNET, e-mail services, Intranet, etc.).

Training events for NGO trainers

Training events for NGO trainers Back in 1996, UW trained the first team of Belarusian NGO trainers united under the auspices of the NGO Trainers' Club "Alternative".

Since then we have closely worked with NGO trainers. Our collaboration included recruiting members of the Club in the capacity of trainers and training facilitators for UW's training events. We also strove to improve the proficiency of Belarusian trainers by organizing training events specifically tailored to their needs.

In 1997 and 1998, UWB initiated and conducted the following training seminars for NGO trainers:

  • "Psychological Fundamentals of Human Resource Management";
  • "Interactive Methods of Training".

Training of NGO trainers in 1996-1998 resulted in preparing the first group of 15 Belarusian NGO trainers, many of who nowadays are actively involved in outreach events throughout Belarus.

Having some positive experience in the field and being genuinely interested in strengthening the efficiency of professionals able to effectively assist organizations to enhance their management skills, UWB address training of trainers as one of the focal points of the NGO Training Center's activity.

Within this project it is intended to carry out a series of events catering to the needs of NGO trainers. The suggested events include training activities, study visits and a conferences which serve an open forum for individuals working in the field of NGO training to exchange experience and expand their professional horizons.



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