First National Information Portal for Belarusian NGOs

Establishment of the Informational Portal is a project initiated by UNDP Office in Belarus and Swedish Institute Partnership for Culture. Belarusian Republican Non-Governmental Organisation "United Way" was asked to become a focal point for this initiative aiming to bring together information resources from all over Belarus.

The Portal provides an overview of NGO news, events, and projects and houses the database of Belarusian NGOs and that of donors supporting the CIS countries, Belarusian Press Monitoring, materials on NGO management, Monitoring of Belarusian NGOs with sociological analysis of current trends in the Belarusian 3 sector.

The Portal support a sustainable human development in Belarus by strengthening the potential of NGOs and promoting partnership between NGOs, state institutions and businesses, The project seeks to assist Belarusian NGOs in establishing contacts with their foreign counterparts, to promote information and experience sharing between domestic and international NGOs, and to increase funding opportunities for grassroots NGOs.

Analytical group of Portal traces inquiries and wishes of users and makes the Portal more informative and helpful to attract more users. The Portal is in three languages: Belarusian, English and Russian.

The daily number of entries is approximately 600 to 700 from more than 50 countries.

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