Стажировки для студенток и студентов в Беларуси

Приглашаем учащихся ВУЗов на стажировки. Пройти стажировку можно сроком от шести недель (полная занятость) до трех месяцев (частичная занятость). Рабочие языки – русский и английский. Стажировка не оплачивается.

Стажер/стажерка будут заняты в следующих областях:

  • проведение исследований;
  • написание документов;
  • упорядочивание информации;
  • помощь в организации конференций, форумов и других мероприятий;
  • публикация историй/лучших практик и т.д.

Требования к кандидаткам и кандидатам:

  • быть студентом/студенткой магистратуры или другой более высокой степени образования;
  • или учиться на последнем курсе университета;
  • быть выпускником/ выпускницей университета (не более одного года с момента окончания);
  • свободное владение английским языком (обязательно).


Internships at UNDP are a great opportunity for students and recent graduates to acquire direct exposure to UNDP's work.
Opportunities are available in a variety of areas.  We accept applications on a rolling basis and refer to the pool of applicants when the internship opportunity opens.

Duration of internship:

The duration of an internship assignment varies in length according to the availability and academic requirements of the intern, as well as the needs of UNDP. Assignments are available for the period of minimum 6 weeks (full-time; 40 working hours per week) or 12 weeks  (part-time, 20 working hours per week).

Financial Issues:
UNDP does not pay for internships. The costs associated with the latter must be borne by the nominating institution, related institution or government, which may provide the required financial assistance to its students; or by the student, who will have to obtain financing for subsistence and make his or her own arrangements for travel, accommodation etc.

Further Career Opportunities:
The purpose of internships is not to lead to further employment with UNDP but, as mentioned, to complement an intern's studies. However, a number of interns, having completed their studies and met the necessary requirements, have gone on to further assignments with the UNDP or elsewhere in the United Nations system.

Application Instructions:

  • Click on the "Apply now" button.
  • Input your information in the appropriate Sections: personal information, language proficiency, education, resume and motivation. You can type in or paste your Resume into the last box.
  • Upon completion of the first page, please hit "submit application" tab at the end of the page. On the next page, you will be asked to upload your Resume.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be contacted and please ensure that copies of your educational qualifications are available when contacted.
  • Successful applicants for internships must submit the following documentation:
  • UNDP Internship Application form;
  • Copy of the most recent CV in English;
  • Letter of motivation;
  • Letter from his/her University confirming current enrollment and graduation date, if applicable, or copy of a Diploma for graduate students;
  • Endorsement letter or letter of reference from a faculty member;
  • Other documents might be required;

UNDP is committed to achieving workforce diversity in terms of gender, nationality and culture. Individuals from minority groups, indigenous groups and persons with disabilities are equally encouraged to apply. All applications will be treated with the strictest confidence.UNDP accepts no responsibility for the medical and life insurance of the intern or costs arising from accidents and illness incurred during an internship. Applicants for internship must, therefore, carry adequate and regular medical insurance. Medical Certificate of Good Health and Proof of medical insurance for duration of contract must be provided before the internship commences.



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Заявки принимаются на постоянной основе до конца 2018 года. Duration of Initial Contract : minimum 6 weeks (full time) Expected Duration of Assignment : minimum 6 weeks (full time) To apply: https://jobs.undp.org/cj_apply.cfm?cur_job_id=71406 IMPORTANT NOTE: Interns are considered gratis personnel. They are not staff members. Interns may not be sought or accepted as substitutes for staff to be recruited against authorized posts. Interns may not represent UNDP in any official capacity.