«Non-Governmental Organizations of Belarus: Progress and Achievements» Monograph

In order to add more publicity to activities of NGOs, the book «Non-Governmental Organizations of Belarus: Progress and Achievements»,  that gives coverage to many-sided activities of the republican and international non-governmental organizations registered in the Republic of Belarus, has been published for the first time in the history of this country. Belarusian National Non-Governmental Organization "United Way" was responsible for the book publishing.  

More than 2.2 thousand non-governmental organizations and more than 30 thousand of their organizational structures are on register in the Republic of Belarus. They are acting in different regions of Belarus. Often NGOs take upon themselves care for war veterans, show concern for the environment, monuments of history and culture, ill children, large families, other groups of people who need support. Such work is done by the NGO members on a voluntary basis, usually without any remuneration of their labour. 
The book, prepared by the Ministry of Justice, contains information on more than 200 republican and international NGOs registered in the Republic of Belarus and operating in the fields of preservation and multiplication of cultural heritage of Belarus, development of science and technology, physical training and sports, professional skills development, humanitarian activity, other fields of social life.
The book is intended for the third sector workers, charitable foundations, sociologists, journalists, students and other persons who are interested in the civil society development in the Republic of Belarus.

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