“World” is Erasing Borders. Let’s Do Business!

We are happy to tell everyone that "World without borders" is ready to erase some more borders. We are starting an interesting and promising, and most importantly, a modern project in the field of entrepreneurship and small business. This field is rapidly developing in the world. Every day it opens up new possibilities for initiative and enterprising people.
Charitable public Association "World without borders" with the support of the UN Democracy Fund is starting a project "Empowering young people with special needs through their rights to labor and business". The purpose of the project is to organize and expand different forms of employment for young people with disabilities. The project will be aimed at ensuring the self-employment of people with disabilities through individual entrepreneurship and craftsmanship.
To ensure better implementation of the project we create a team of consultants in the spheres of individual entrepreneurship and crafts, economic and legal support. All human and methodological resources will be merged into a Center of Support of Entrepreneurship and Employment of Young People with Disabilities. A new website will be the information platform of the Center. There you ll find the news on the project activities, information about upcoming events and invitations to participate in them. We also plan to create a database of business ideas and marketing strategies adapted for people with disabilities. The main activities of the Centre are: selection of marketing strategy, giving expert advice, support in starting and running business, creation of complex educational and training programs and conducting educational activities. All the services will be provided free of charge.
We plan to conduct an extensive information campaign within the project. Exhibition-fair "I can!", integration forum, promotional meetings – all these activities are to tell the general public about the potential of young entrepreneurs with disabilities to produce high quality goods and provide high quality services, which can compete on an equal footing in the market.
We do not aim to solve all the problems and to make all comers successful businessmen. But if we manage to help even a small number of people expand their opportunities and if their experience becomes a motivation for many others, it means that our project will be successful. We are sure that any human boundaries can be overcome, especially if we create these boundaries ourselves and they exist only in our minds.
If you feel like being a participant in this project or you can help us, we are waiting for you!

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