"Veloslet-2017" under Valožyn


5 thousand kilometers to learn about cycling in Belarus. Under Valožyn took place the second international cycling fest – Veloslet.

On August 19-20, a huge cycling holiday took place on the Ŝabli steading– Veloslet. How did the organizers surprise the guests and why is the Belarusian festival interesting for foreigners?

Exhibition about cycling trips

The exhibition "With a bicycle in life", where the works of Belarusian travelers Gleb Minskia and Olga Ishina were presented, reminded us the value of the printed photo. There is no need for superfluous descriptions – for the sake of these landscapes it is necessary to go to Norway, Lithuania, Germany ... To take your bike and to go.

First Bike Speed Dating Dating

Many participants had mutual sympathy and if not cycling families, but at least cycling walks will become more.

"Extreme" design

The platform for demonstrating extreme types of cycling is rare not only for Valožyn district, but also for Belarus. Cyclingmen from Zelenoffka have found a way and money to build this structure and to demonstrate the capabilities of a person and a bicycle.

Foreign guests

While many in a panic were discussing that almost 100 km from Minsk to the Ŝabli steading, bicycle activists from Krasnoyarsk, Rostov, Riga, Moscow, Kiev, Ivano-Frankivsk packed their sleeping bags and looked for a company to take with them to Veloslot in Belarus. Some participants of the event passed under 5000 thousand kilometers to meet friends-activists from our country. Here it is the relativity of distances...

More than 60 volunteers

Guys and girls who voluntarily, without payment, helped not only during the event itself, but also before it. Conducting competitions, preparing a farm, sawing firewood, assisting the organizers, transporting the whole "provisions" on private cars in their free time, conducting excursions and meeting foreign guests...

Musical show

This time Veloslet was supported by five musical groups. They did their best and played so that many could not fall asleep for a long time and said that they had not danced like that for a long time. Musical participants of the festival: "Manhattan" cover band, FIBIrock band, "Duet Raz" with acoustic program "The main thing about nothing", TarasOparik and group "Planet of All" psychedelic blues and rock from Minsk SDL.

The concert and educational program was conducted by the director of the Minsk Cycling Community Anastasia Yanchevskaya and the radio presenter Nikita Naidyonov.

The First Cycle Camp

While most of the guests perceived Veloslet-2017 as a holiday, bicycle activists from Hrodna, Homieĺ, Salihors, Mahilioŭ, Brest and other cities of Belarus listened to lectures for almost 3 days and participated in master classes on how to make our cities more cycling.

The organizers of the "Veloslet-2017" are the Minsk Cycling Community and the "Velodisko" project. Partners of the event: the store "Velogallery", family festivalTrolley, community "GameIn", shop "Stihia", trail-park Zelenoffka and Federation of adventure races.

The event is carried out within the project "Urban cycling in Belarus". The aim of the project is contributing to the development of urban cycling in Belarus through improvements in legislative and regulatory acts for cycling infrastructure at the national and regional levels; Increasing the capacity of organizations in the promotion and development of the bicycle transport system; Ensuring active participation of local citizens in attracting the attention of city authorities to the rights and opportunities of cyclists. The project will be implemented in Belarus in 2017-2019 by the Center for Environmental Solutions and the Minsk Cycling Community with the financial support of the European Union.

Photos by Hanna Valynets

Text by Tatsiana Zharnasek



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