“Ў” Gallery of Contemporary Art in partnership with Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej present the Polish Urban Art project

The purpose of the Polish Urban Art project is to present and promote Polish urban culture in Europe.
Presentation of the documentary collection of the Polish urban art (photos illustrating evolution of art in the Polish streets starting from fragments documented by Edwards Hartwig in 1950) to the recent largest graffito paintings will be arranged in Kiev and Minsk.
The exhibition Polish Urban Art - Exhibitions & Murals/Minsk Edition  contains works by some of the most actual modern Polish street artists, such as Autone, Chazme, Czarnobyl, Elomelo, Etam Cru, Kamil Kuzko, Mat, M-City, Nawer, Pener, Proembrion, Elomelo, Pepe, Robert Proch, Pawуl Ryzko, Sepe, Szczerbak, Uran, Zbiok, etc.
Program of the project:
Kiev – 20.10.2014
Lvov - 24-30.10.2014
Minsk - 05-09.11.2014
Berlin - 13-16.11.2014
Stockholm - 20-23.11.2014
Paris - 27-30.11.2014
Warsaw - 04-07.12.2014
Lublin - 11-14.12.2014
Project arrangers: Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej in partnership with: Brain Damage Gallery (Poland), Grodzka Gate Center – NN Theatre (Poland), Whole City (Poland), Social Photography Caucasus Foundation (Georgia), GeoAir (Georgia), Grob Yarik (Ukraine), Dzyga Gallery (Ukraine), Nazar Motyk (Ukraine), «Ў» Gallery of Contemporary Art (Belarus), Urban Spree Gallery (Germany).
The project was arranged with the support of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland and Town Council of Lublin.
Results of the project will be available on the official web-site of the project polishurbanart.com and on facebook page Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej.
The exhibition will open on November 5 at 19:00 with the lecture “History of the Polish Urban Art” by Caesar Khunkevich, president of the Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej.
«Ў» Gallery of Contemporary Art


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