A route will be laid for the bikers

Certain part of the territory of Belarus has been included into the network of European bikers’ traffic routes.
In March 2012, Belarusian Bikers’ Society joined the European Federation of Bikers engaged in the creation of cross-border bikers’ traffic routes throughout Europe. One of fourteen routes includes a part of the Belarusian territory. This ЕuroVelo-2 route, which length is more than 5 thousand km, runs through Ireland, Great Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Poland, Belarus, and Russia.
The route portion from Poland to Minsk has been already developed. In particular, it will run across the territory of Bialowieza forest, Slonim and Novogrudok, Nalibokskaya forest, Ivenets, Rakov, Zaslavl. The second route portion to run from Minsk to Russia will be developed by the end of 2013.

The route is not intended for the professionals engaged in bicycling, but rather for bicycle tourists and the beginners, and also for groups with children, and foreigners.

Narodnaya Gazeta №29(5938) 14.02.13.

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