Projects being realized by Interakcia presented at a meeting on 3rd environmental performance review of Belarus

The meeting that took place in Minsk, on March 18, was mounted by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Around 15 Belarusian NGOs had an opportunity to share their environmental achievements and discuss the current obstacles hindering ecological initiatives. The results of the meeting should help experts to prepare recommendations to Belarusian authorities on how to streamline state ecological policies.

An Environmental Performance Review is an overview of how efficaciously a state reconciles environmental concerns with economic priorities and to what extent it sticks to its international environmental commitments. For the first time such a document was compiled for Belarus in 1997; and its second version appeared in 2005.
The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) is responsible for the preparation of Environmental Performance Reviews for the European states as well as consequent recommendations to them. This time, while working on the new Environmental Performance Review of Belarus, specialists of the UNECE are looking not only into how ecological aspects have been included in economic activities, but also into how environmental initiatives have been leading to the development of the so-called green economy.
At the meeting in Minsk, Interakcia Foundation was represented by Irina Ivanova, Project Manager of the project “Small Rivers – Big Challenges” where the Foundation acts as the lead partner. She told how local authorities and active citizens in three districts of Vitebsk region (oblast) have been monitoring together the level of chemical contamination in small rivers.
Besides, she presented the project on the creation and implementation of Local ecological action plans in 10 Belarusian districts that was coordinated by Interakcia. Thanks to these documents, the district authorities now have specific visions of what priority ecological problems they need to deal with and of how to develop the local economies without aggravating these problems.
The final edition of the third Environmental Performance Review of Belarus is expected to be published in September, this year. 


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