Practical training in dealing with elderly people


AKT International Educational Non-governmental Organization  organizes "Golden Experience for Golden Age" practical training in dealing with elderly people  for the representatives of NGOs and public initiatives. Deadline for applications is June 7.  

Practical trainings will take place from 19 to 29 June 2017. The trainees will get an opportunity to visit one of the following NGOs: 

  • Belarusian Association of Social Workers;
  • "Jewish Community for Mogilev" NGO;
  • Grassroot organization of veterals of the health institution "Central Osipovichy District Hospital";
  • Dvina-Daugava Resource Center;
  • Hesed-Rahamim Charitable Jewish NGO.

Representatives of non-governmental organizations and initiatives dealing with elderly people or interested in the development of this line of activities are invited to take part in the event.

The training program was arranged by AKT NGO within the project "Golden Experience for Golden Age. Best practices-based aid to elderly people and persons who have suffered from National-Socialism" with the support of "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" German Foundation.

For contacts: AKT NGO

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