Polotsk is getting prepared for European mobility week 2016: Construction of the bike lane on the agenda

On July 19th, Interakcia Foundation had a meeting with the Working Group representatives supervising Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Polotsk. The peculiarities of the European Mobility Week 2016 as well as the preparatory works for the construction of the bike lane were discussed.
Among the participants were Sergei Leichenko, Deputy Chairman of Polotsk District Executive Committee, representatives of Polotsk District Executive Committee, housing and utility infrastructure, state traffic inspectorate, and the Educational Department. At the meeting the schedule of the European Mobility Week were clarified. As the previous year, it will take place on September 16-22th and will include events not exclusively for cyclists, but for all the citizens of Polotsk as well. Local school children will have lessons on eco-friendly vehicle, contests on the most mobile school and enterprise will encourage people to use bicycles. Above this, all Polotsk citizens will vote for the best passenger-friendly bus route. Traditionally, the Mobility Week will culminate with World Car Free Day.  
During the meeting, members of Novopolotsk Students-Architects Association presented a detailed zoning of the venue for the “bike-party”, this year to be held on September 17th in the local park Kurgan. This is going to be the meeting point after the bicycle race. At the open-air party, the citizens will be offered to take part in bike contests, dance workshops and sport games, will be engaged in workshops for children, hand-made market and at the photo-spot. The event will end up with the concert given by Polotsk and Novopolotsk musicians.
As for the bike lane, its construction is going to be finalized by the start of Mobility Week. During the meeting, the problematic areas along the whole route of the future lane that require repair works were discussed (patching, too high curbs, road marking, dangerous spots). After solving these issues, the steps to follow will be holding a tender and construction of the lane itself. The detailed programme of the Mobility Week will be known at the end of August — beginning of September.
Construction of the bike lane and European Mobility Week will be held as part of The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan for Polotsk. The project is being implemented by the Polotsk District Executive Committee and Interakcia Foundation.  

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