Mini-project «My successful future»

The project "My successful future"  was completed in Grodno.
The purpose of  the project is the formation of teachers’ and parents’ professional competence in matters of socialization of orphanages and homes of family type, creation of conditions for  successful  socialization of orphans  and children left  without parental care.
Project Objectives:
1.    To develop and implement a model of successful socialization of orphans and children left without parental care under conditions of children's home, family-type orphanage.
2.    To improve the professional competence of teachers and foster parents through a series of training activities to build family values in pupils, professional development, communication skills and conflict-free financial literacy.
3.    To develop a program-methodical complex to arrange activities of a social interactive theater.
4.    To create an e-learning tool that promotes the expansion of the life outlook of pupils, "My successful future."
During implementation of the project a number of vents were held  with foster  parents, caregivers of children's homes, boarding schools, sanatorium boarding schools.  As many as 28 participants took part in the event: 25 teachers of children's homes,  3 foster parents. 
The mini-project was  implemented within the project "All children included"  by  "Healthy Choice"  Non-Governmental Organization and ICDI (Netherlands) with support from the European Union.

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