Mini-project «Life of wonderful children»

In May 2014 in Zhodino, mini-project "Life of wonderful children" implemented by SEE "Zhodinsky socio-educational center" was complered.
The purpose of the project was to arrange work with adoptive parents and children as part of an information campaign to raise the prestige of a substitute family.
Project Objectives:
· to involve adoptive parents in organizing and conducting advertising campaigns to promote Zhodino substitute family;
· to train foster children, inmates of the orphanage, the project participants, in the participation in social projects through the publication of the anthology "Life of wonderful children”  and demonstration of a social advertising movie about foster families on local television" Sphere ";
· to publish and disseminate to the public the city almanac "Life of wonderful children", which tells about the social orphanhood, the role of the foster family in the socialization of children without parental care;
· to create a promotional video about the social foster family, which will be shown on local TV "Sphere".
The project involved:
· adoptive families Zhodino a quantity of 28 families and 18 foster children, 9 children's home of family type Galinovskii;
· students and full-time-clock shelter of 10 people and their families;
· public of Zhodino.
Results and accomplishments during the reporting period:
· Powered: by two foster families who took two foster children left without parental care.
· 3 parents regained their parental rights, 7 children returned to their families.
· Prepared: 4 candidate adoptive parents, prospective parents 3.
· The result of the promotion of professional foster families during the implementation of the mini-project "Life of wonderful children" became the adoption of 4 minors.
Prospects for the continuation of activities are:
· Placing the anthology "Life of wonderful children” on the web-site of the state educational institution "Zhodinsky socio-educational center" and on the web-site of the Department of Education, Sports and Tourism.
· Production and distribution of the anthology "Life of wonderful children" 1 semiannually.
· Demonstration of commercials filmed by project participants at the local TV "Sphere".
Mini-project is implemented within the project "All children included" implemented by NGO "Healthy Choice" and ICDI (Netherlands) with support from the European Union. 


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