How Polack has become more mobile


"From energy efficiency to urban mobility" project has been finished in Polack. It has become the first project in Belarus in the sphere of transport that was implemented with local people engagement. The first bicycle trail has appeared in the city, and 12 bicycle parkings were installed. The mobility plan, developed by local authorities, experts, public organizations, journalists and entrepreneurs, will become a strategy to improve transport system of Polack.

Free mobile application "Moovit" for public transportation in Polack and Navapolack has been launched. Polack has become the first Belarusian city that supported European Mobility Week in 2015 and 2016. The project finished with the big conference on urban mobility that was held in Minsk on March, 24, 2017.

Learn more how Polack has become more mobile at the link:

Thank you all our partners and friends who helped to implement the "From energy efficiency to urban mobility" project!

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