“The House of Understanding” project implemented by “Ponimaniye” International Non-Governmental Organization

Crimes against children is a vital issue both in Belarus and in the whole world. In 2009, as many as 6128 children were recognized the victims of violence in Belarus. As of today, 8590 children were recognized the victims of violence, 6244 of them – children who were the victims of evasion of their parents from alimony payment and keeping their children. 

- Ourposition concerning toughening of punishment for the persons who have committed grave crimes against children, is unambiguous, - said Andrey Makhanko, Chairman of “Ponimaniye” International Non-Governmental Organization, moderator of the press conference in the Press Center of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” newspaper. - Punishment for crimes committed against people under age should only be life imprisonment, chemical castration and psychological treatment.
At present, “Ponimaniye” International Non-Governmental Organization has developed “The House of Understanding” project. Within the project, an interrogation room for abused children was created in 2009, in order to prevent from multiple interrogation of the victims. A child may be interrogated only once, in the presence of the psychologist and investigator.
- A project providing for opening of 7 more rooms has been already launched, - said Andrey Makhanko. – They will be opened in the regional centers of Belarus. Opening is scheduled by the middle of 2011.
Andrey Solodovnikov, Secretary of the Commission on Juvenile Affairs under the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus, said at the press conference, that “the system of help to children is quite traditional, though incomplete in this country. Social and psychological services under the educational system do exist, but they are insufficient. Additional development is required, taking account of foreign experience”.
Only figures
During the current year:
6 children (for of them under 14) were inflicted death by negligence.
23 children suffered severe bodily injuries.
6 children were recognized the victims who were to drives to suicide.
9 children (6 of them under 14) were recognized the victims of torture.
48 children were threatened with murder.

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