House of Understanding

Dom Ponimaniya (House of Understanding). This is an analogue of the Scandinavian Barnahús project (“Child Care Center”) where child victims suffered from abuse get comprehensive aid during all the stages of case work: from disclosure to rehabilitations that the victim will never meet the offender and will not receive an additional trauma. 

The use of modern telecommunications technology allows all actors to be involved in the investigation, obtain information about the survey in real time and ask questions to a victim with the help of a psychologist-interviewer and get answers.
Dom Ponimaniya (House of Understanding) provides the following free services to a child victim or child witness:
·      psychological preparation of child for questioning;
·      interview by qualified psychologist / police officer / forensic medical examiner-psychologist;
·      passing by a child victim or witness of all the procedures of criminal code without any contact with the offender as well as other participants of criminal procedure;
·      psychological / psychotherapeutic rehabilitation of a child victim or witness of  a violent crime;
·      reintegration of a child victims and if necessary - services for parents and other family members.
Addresses of the questioning room
Minsk, Str. Kizhevatova 68.Phone: 8-017-222-8235
Minsk. Leszczynskogo Str. 8,Build. 5, Office 403-404.
Phone: 8-017-259-4883, 8-017-257-1212
Minsk, Minsk District Court, Mayakovskogo Str. 119.Phone: 8-017-223-4699
Brest, YankiKupalaStr.  20 /1.Phone: 8-0162-448-156
Gomel, Manevicha Str. 26a.Phone: 8-0232-621-050
Grodno, Vrublevskogo Str. 76a.Phone: 8-0152-434501
Mogilev, Melnikova Str. 2a.Phone: 8-0222-314-764
Novopolotsk, KalininaStr. 14.Phone: 8-0124-537345
Pre-registration by phone required.

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