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International Women’s Club is an arranger of the traditional charitable auctions. 

The Club was created in 1992 by spouses of diplomats accredited in Belarus. Today, this non-governmental organization includes both representatives of the diplomatic corps, and public figures, foreign businessmen.
The main goal of the Club’s activity is rendering help to hospitals, orphanages, boarding schools, specialized schools, and also children and disabled people who need medical treatment and rehabilitation.
According to the chairwoman if the International Women’s Club Elmira Kiikova (Kazakhstan), at present the Club participates in 60 international charitable projects. The Club helps to the Psycho-Neurological Dispensary in Drazhnya city-district, Children’s Houses Nos. 1 and 2 in Minsk, Disabled People Home No. 1, Children’s Endocrinology Hospital, Center of Correctional Development, and many other establishments. Together with charitable fund, such as Chance and Touch to Life, the Club helps to people who suffer from severe oncologic diseases, lung diseases, disorders of central nervous system.
Geography of help covers Minsk, Vitebsk, Zaslavl, Zhodino, Borisov, Slutsk, Luban, Gomel, etc.
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