Free national hot line for victims of family violence opened in Belaru

The national free hot line 8-801-100-8-801 for victims of family violence started its work on August 13. The telephone line was opened on the premises of the Gender Prospects, International Non-Governmental Organization within the project of international technical assistance “Rising the national potential of the State to counter oppose family violence in the republic of Belarus”. 
Any adult who has suffered from family violence will be rendered psychological, legal, social and informational help. The hotline advisers are the practicing psychologists or lawyers who deal with vulnerable groups, social workers who have experience of rendering help to the victims of family violence. 
Our principles are anonymity and confidentiality, respect to one’s choice, the principles of making no harm and joint responsibility for solution of the problem, said Irina Alkhovka, chair of the board of the “Gender Prospects” International NGO. 
The project is destined to both render help to the victims, and form a clear notion of the scope of family violence, and to get to know if the measures to prevent from family violence are efficient. 
For more information please read the Belarusian/ Russian version, or address to the Pavlina Ivanko, PR specialist and program specialist in the team of management of projects aimed at prevention from family violence and provision of gender equality UNFPA, tel. 8 029 372 00 60, 

From News Release 


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