Foothpath for people with disabilities to be built in Volozhin


A footpath from bus station to day center for people with disabilities in Volozhin will become more accessible for citizens with disabilities. Head of Housing and Utilities Department of Volozhin District Executive Committee Anatoly Alievmentioned it during the Working group meeting on February, 20th. The Housing and Utilities are ready to turn to Belarusian Association of People with Disabilities for expert review.

It is not excluded that within the framework of the project a training for Housing and Utilities staff will be conducted. They can get acquainted with principles of universal design and needs of people with disabilities. The special Plan of activities for improving the infrastructure and quality of social and recreational services for people with disabilities is supposed to be approved at the Deputies Council session.

Expectedly, the Plan will become a “road map” to solve problems people with disabilities, will help Volozhin district be more attractive, and will exist after the project be finished. For the Plan that will be drawn, Associate Professor of the Department of Economics and Management in Tourism Industry of BSEU Aliaksandar Tarasionak presented the results of the local planning and strategies investigations. Also, the results of the investigation on accessibility that was being conducted from March till August in Volozhin district will be counted. Experts investigated around 300 buildings and worked out recommendations for their improvement.

The survey among all people with disabilities residing in Volozhin district to be held in March, and social workers will help to conduct this survey.

In March, Country Escape association will be ready with the project of the contest among farmstead owners from Volozhin district. Up to five entrepreneurs are to receive the grants for adapting the farmsteads to the needs of people with disabilities.

By 2019, rampants for 30 infrastructural objects in Volozhin district will be constructed and the first tourist information and recreation center with hostel and conference room in Volozhin will be opened. In spring 2016 a special environmental trail in Nalibokskaya pushcha will be launched. At the moment the Working group helps organize the course of the project. It includes people with disabilities, public representatives, representatives of Volozhin District Executive Committee, tourist business, Volozhin tourist information and recreation center.

The project is being implemented by Interakcia Foundation, Belarusian Public Association Country Escape, Public Association Belarusian Association of People with Disabilities, Volozhin District Executive Committee and Volozhin Social Service Centre with financial support from the European Union.


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