The Belarusian youth NGO "New Faces" is looking for partnerships

Belarusian Youth Non-Governmental Organization "New Faces"

Mission: The Belarusian youth NGO "New Faces" which was formed on principles of openness, tolerance, equal rights and the use of alternative approaches, promotes the development social activity amongst young Belarusians. This gives them opportunities to development and self-actualize.

History: The Belarusian youth NGO "New Faces" was registered on 20th February, 1997. It is a non-governmental and non-commercial organization.

Structure: The ruling board of the New Faces is an assembly which meets twice a year. In the period between assemblies, New Faces is lead by a coordinating committee which consists of 5 elected members, a chairperson and a vice-chairperson. The five council members are elected by the assembly for a one year period. The chairperson and vice-chairperson are elected for a three year period from organization members.

New Faces aims to promote the development of youth activities in Belarus and youth initiatives in the areas of culture, education, ecology and sport.

New Faces is an established organization and member of the Belarusian youth and childrens union of NGOs RADA.

New Faces brings active, individual and creative young people together. It has organized:

-international cultural exchanges on crime, alternative sources of energy, democracy, trafficking prostitutes etc.;

-training and conferences: e.g. a series of courses for trainers as a part of the campaign against AIDS (1999), the Survival Test training course on development issues in the 3rd sector (2000), training courses for new members of the organization etc.;

-educational seminars: e.g. an informational-cultural campaign against HIV, seminars for NGO heads, team-building sessions, organization and project management, intercultural training, art-therapy for adolescents with behavioural difficulties, averting prostitution trafficking etc.;

-educational-cultural campaigns;

-partnerships with other Belarusian NGOs: e.g. Cobweb  a joint project between youth organizations working with socially unprotected young people and children;

-cultural festivals and workshops: e.g. a Moldavian theatrical performance against slavery (regional event, 2003), a Belarusian-Dutch festival celebrating modern Dutch culture (2003);

-publications on each project;

-participation in Youth and European Voluntary Service projects sending participants rather than receiving them;

-exhibitions, concerts etc.;

-ecological seminars and campaigns: e.g. We have to live here!, an ecological campaign in the park museum of rocks (2002) and its continuation We will leave our mark  a round table on solving the problems associated with the park museum of rocks (2003).

-study visits to Belarus: over the period of one week, youth leaders from various countries get acquainted with how youth movements in Belarus are developing, find out about other aspects of our lives and exchange work experience (2002-2003).

Planned projects include:

-a long-term training project on joint efforts of youth organizations in working with socially unprotected young people and children

-participation in EVS (European Voluntary Service) as both sending and receiving participants

-a Belarusian-Swedish theatrical project

Furthermore, our members can take part in numerous seminars, courses, exchanges and other events organized by us and our partners.

We try to give young people the opportunity to self-actualise via, for instance, cultural exchanges. Also, we advocate intercultural mutual understanding and partnership between young people and peaceful conflict resolution against discrimination and intolerance.

New Faces is looking for partners to work with and to create combined projects.

If more detailed information is required, New Faces can be contacted as detailed below:


General  Elena Kasko (Chairperson)

Regarding international projects Anna Archangelskaya (international coordinator and secretary)

Belarusian Youth Non-governmental Organisation New Faces

Ul. Varvashenny 17-1-600 B,V,G1

Minsk 220029, Belarus

Tel/Fax: +375 17 2847365


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