Belarusian PEN Centre

Belarusian PEN Centre is a non-governmental, non-political and non-commercial organisation. It was founded by the Organising Committee in November 1989 and adopted to International P.E.N. at its World Congress in 1990. The Belarusian PEN Centre was registered by the Ministry of Justice on 16 November 1990, on the basis of its Charter and the Decree of the Council of Ministers N274 from 1 November 1990. As a member of International P.E.N., the Belarusian PEN Centre holds Category A status at UNESCO and consultative status within the UN roster category.

PEN Centre is an association of professional literary men and women set up to promote intellectual cooperation between writers and journalists, to participate in the international literary cooperation, to develop the Belarusian culture and foster humanistic ideals in the public consciousness. For more information see also the web:


Literary Prizes

In 1994 the Belarusian PEN Centre instituted two literary prizes awarded to distinguished professionals to recognize and encourage their work. 

Writers in Prison

Since 1996, the Belarusian PEN Centre has been a member of the Writers in Prison Committee founded in 1960 by the Assembly of Delegates of International PEN and has been taking an active part in its activities.

Writers in Exile

The Writers in Exile Program is a project of International P.E.N. The network works on behalf of writers who have been forced into exile. We provide personal and professional information and guidance to help writers integrate into a safe country.

Linguistic Rights

Belarusian PEN takes an active part in the activities of the International PEN Club's Barcelona-based Translations and Linguistic Rights Committee and first of all in its program on the Universal Declaration of Linguistic Rights. 


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