Belarus: EU invests in cultural heritage of Mscislau


The COMUS project in Belarus has been actively working on the creation of concepts for five priority projects in the pilot town of Mscislau. The project announced the main activities planned for this year on 13 February.

EU funding will be allocated to the restoration of the Carmelite church and its unique 17th-century frescoes, the buildings of the former Jesuit College, the "Hermitage" hotel and the building of the former men’s gymnasium. Funding will also be allocated to the creation of a Visitor and Resource Centre to promote the town as a tourist destination.

Mr Tim Williams, Head of the EU’s “Culture and Creativity” programme with the Eastern Partnership, held a lecture for teachers and students of Mscislau’s building college. He shared useful examples of creative business in different historic towns and explained the opportunities under the Culture and Creativity programme for capacity building and the development of partnerships.

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Culture and Creativity Programme

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