All Cities of Belarus Presented at “Green Map”

Now citizens of any locality will be able to find points of hazardous and recyclable waste collection near their homes. Project coordinators emphasize that this issue is not so relevant for big cities (there are specialized bright containers on streets and in shops), but it is quite complicated to manage this type of waste in smaller localities.
“This year “Green Map” will be strongly updated (starting from the web-page and to the concept). For example, the new version of the web page was launched. Soon new layers will be filled with information,”- told Mariya Suma, Project Coordinator.
Center of Environmental Solutions conducted works on further development of the portal as leading ecological informational resource that presents practical data on different directions of ecologically friendly mode of life in Belarus. The activity was held in the frame of the project “Supporting the Transition to a Green Economy in the Republic of Belarus” funded by the European Union and implemented by the United Nations Development Programme. It is important to emphasize that this project was created on initiative of Center of Environmental Solutions and this organization has being managing development of this portal since 2012 year.
Web-portal “Green Map” got three new layers (“Ecological Organizations”, “Renewable Energy”, “Natural Areas”), technical upgrade was conducted, and the interface was improved. It is very important that the scope of represented localities was expanded. Informational layers “Recyclable Materials”, “Hazardous Waste”, “Waste Sorting and Recycling Stations”, “Goods” were updated with information from all cities of Belarus, where such stations exist. Soon new points of renewable energy, unique natural areas, and green organizations and initiatives will appear on the map.
“Partnership is an important component of sustainable development and now we see results of international organizations and NGOs cooperation aimed at raising awareness of people. We hope that people will get engaged in using and updating the map,”-commented Volha Chabrouskaya, UNDP Project Manager. 
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25 June 2016

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