9,000 rural residents of Masty District got uninterrupted access to drinking water


9,000 rural citizens of Masty District (the Hrodna Region), including 735 people with disabilities, have got uninterrupted access to drinking water thanks to the system of remote monitoring of water production installed in the district. The automation of 31 water intakes of Masty District allowed to provide 31 villages with the year-round uninterrupted access to drinking water supply.

The initiative has been implemented by the “Belarusian Society of the Disabled” NGO within the "Supporting the Transition to a “green” economy in the Republic of Belarus" project, funded by the European Union and implemented by the UNDP in Belarus in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus.

Control and automation of 31 water intakes, supplying 60% of the rural population of Masty District, will ensure the immediate detection of possible accidents. The implemented system of remote monitoring will also have economic and environmental impact. The electric power costs will be reduced by approximately 15,000 euro per year, while the water loss will be reduced by 5% thanks to the immediate detection of accidents on pipelines. The pilot initiative has also allowed to create two new work places.

Within the implementation of the project the equipment of the rural water intakes has been changed for the energy efficient one, including pumps and water and electricity measuring devices for remote monitoring. Special equipment for remote control of water production has been installed at 18 most distant rural water intakes. The data from the water intakes is now transferred to the specially equipped central dispatching point in Masty.

The project "Supporting the Transition to a “green” economy in the Republic of Belarus", within which the rural water intakes have been automated, aims at supporting the Republic of Belarus in generating “green” economic growth, including environmentally sustainable and economically feasible use of natural resources, promotion of green production and green consumption patterns, green jobs creation, changing target group's behavior towards greater environmental sustainability. The budget of the project – 5 million euro.

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