United Way Library Program

UWB library is an open facility for all organizations, institutions and individuals applying for information resources and its acquisitions. At the moment the Center's library comprises over 4000  copies. The above books proved to be extremely helpful to those using library resources for NGO capacity building purposes as well as to UWB personnel when working on developing curriculum for a series of training workshops for non–profit organizations. UWB develops, modifies and improves this information resource.

Library users are encouraged to work with electronic versions of reference books and periodicals available in Internet at www.ngo.by. The Center increases its library funds and modernize its cataloging. Numerous national NGO directories and other reference literature published by East/Central European NGO Resource Centers and donated to the Center broadened the scope of information resources available to the clientele. Regular stocking of the library funds also became possible due to the subscription to numerous home and foreign periodicals featuring NGO activity.

UWB's library holds books on NGO management, strategic planning, organizational development, marketing, practical psychology, communication, sociology, personnel management. A number of NGO related materials were received from European Foundation Center, foreign foundations and NGOs. International and European non–profit organizations (EFC, UNHCR, UNDP, UWI, etc.) involved in publishing activity generously provided their donations, including directories, reports, training packages, bulletins, newsletters, bulletins, etc. UWB's partner NGOs in CIS countries as well as in Central/Eastern Europe etc.) kindly shared with us their publications too.

Library clients can easily find all necessary library resources using electronic cataloging system, featuring name and date of the publication, author, language, catalog section, and other relevant information.

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