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Solar gift




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State Educational Institution «Secondary school № 1 Novolukoml»



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 Energetikov str.,    2, Novolukoml, Vitebsk region., phone 80213367699


Information about the organization

The work of teaching staff  of the State Educational Institution “Secondary school№1”of Novolukoml is aimed at creating educational space, which provides implementation of the rights of each student to receive education, in accordance with his requests and abilities.                

The purpose of the activity is  to improve the quality of education through improving  the pedagogical skills of teachers, mainstreaming the activities of all  participants in the educational process, which is oriented to form creative, intellectually and physically developed personality. 

Special attention is paid to energy and environmental safety in Belarus. That is why our establishment of education chose ecological, energy-saving education and upbringing of pupils as the priority direction of the activity, as the valued basis of behavior are formed exactly in childhood.        

Within the framework of this direction we realize the Republican innovative project “Introduction the model of formation students’ culture in the field of energy in the conditions of network cooperation of establishments of education.”    

Within the framework of the project close, fruitful cooperation has been established with EcoTechno Park-Volma, a branch of the educational institution “ Republican Institute of Professional Education”, with the educational institution “Republican Center for Ecology and Local History”, with “Vitebsk State University named after P.M. Masherov”, with the branch “Lukoml state district power station” RUE “Vitebskenergo”.

Highly qualified teachers work at school today. Students of 8-11 grades have the opportunity to study Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, German at an advanced level. Classes of integrated training and education are organized at school. Pupils study at a correctional care center. The work of extended-day groups is organized for pupils in 1-4 grades. Children have the opportunity to attend elective classes in academic subjects, to engage in various associations of interests and sports sections. Our school provides paid educational services. 

The School has created a good material and technical base, which was enriched during the year by acquiring computer equipment, modern TVs, and creating conditions for Wi-Fi access in the entire educational establishment. A teacher’s room was equipped with modern computers and a TV for consultations, instructive and methodological meetings. Two computer classes, a language laboratory are used for optional classes. Eight study rooms are equipped with TVs. A multibord is installed in recreation, which is used to broadcast thematic videos. The Resource Center “Energy Saving-Start with Yourself” is equipped, which is actively used by teachers to conduct training and optional classes, extracurricular activities. An ecological corner has been created on the basis of which classes of interests and extra-curricular activities are held.



Head of the organization

Vishnevskaya Faina Avseevna, headmistress,



Project manager

Boufalik Olga Evgenevna, Physic teacher

Тел. +375295101998


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Amount required








Project term

01.05.2020 – 01.11.2020


The aim of the project

Reduce energy consumption for heating water through solar collectors


Project tasks

  1. To study the work of solar c0llector in the laboratory  «EcoTechnoPark-Volma Resource Center»


  1. To compile techno-economic feasibility for the installation of solar collectors
  2. Install solar collectors on the roof of an educational institution;



Detailed project description

Water heating in educational institutions is carried out using two plate-type collapsible heat exchangers and two electric water heaters.

KOG is an active split system, operating under pressure from a supply pipe. A vacuum solar collector is able to provide hot water at any time of the year, and in any weather.
Solar collectors, consisting of vacuum tubes, will be placed outdoors on the flat roof of the building. Helix angle of the year-round solar system 50°- 55°. The expansion tank and the working group are inside the heated room in order to minimize heat loss and ease the operation of the system.

         After all calculations, the optimal set of solar water heating equipment necessary for heating water in this educational institution has the following form:

- solar vacuum manifold (LS2/30, 30 pipes) complete with mounting frame 32 things;

-  ST solar station (pump, safety group, controller, flow meter, temperature sensors PT 1000) 8 pieces.;

- heliosystem expansion tank 25 liters 8 pieces;

- storage tank (1000 l., double-contoured) 8 pieces;

- air cooler solar 8 sets.

Total annual savings (т.у.т.) will be 79,97 т.у.т.

A simple payback period for a solar energy installation is 5,9 years.

Target group:  students and employees of the school.

Number of participants:  824 .     Results: energy and cash savings.

Responsible person: Boufalik Olga Evgenevna


Project Justification

The problem of the rational use of energy and resources is one of the acute problems of mankind. The modern economy is based on the use of energy resources, the reserves of which are depleted and not renewed. In addition, modern methods of energy production cause irreparable damage to nature and man. The first and most important step towards preserving the environment is our conscious attitude to the problem of the rational use of energy resources.

The constant increase in world prices for traditional energy sources, political and economic instability in countries that are the main suppliers of oil and gas to the world markets, makes the leading countries of the world look for other types of energy sources.

Currently, more than 70% of humanity’s energy needs are met by fossil energy sources, and energy consumption has increased faster than the population over the past 30 years.

If we consider the prospects of traditional energy, then coal is enough for 600 years, oil for 90 years, gas for 50 years, uranium according to various forecasts for 27-80 years.

All calculations and forecasts show that the reserves of nonrenewable energy carries are spent during this century, which will lead to theur significant rise in price.

The sooner the latest technologies to replace irreplaceable fossil fuels begin to develop, the more opportunities there are to meet future energy needs.

Currently, only 17% of the world’s primary energy consumption comes from renewable energy( wind and water, geothermal, solar and bio-energy), with two-thirds of nonprofit wood and other biomass, and almost one-third of wind energy. At present, in Belarus, at the expense of non-traditional sources, they receive 6% of energy, which is little .

Average energy consumption is approximately 0,8 kW. The average growth rate of national income in the countries of the modern world is 2,5% per year. At the same time, annual energy consumption, taking into account population growth, should increase by 4,8%. Such an increase in energy production is difficult to achieve without the use of new sources, as fuel reserves are depleted.

Renewable energy resources are huge and available to every country.

According to experts, by 2040 the world energy production from non-traditional RES will be 82 % of the world’s energy consumption . The global trend has contributed to the fact that non-traditional( alternative) energy sources in Belarus have also been developed.

The share of energy of water, wind and the sun in the total amount of energy received is still insignificant. But our state determines the development of renewable energy as one of the most important priorities of energy policy.

The educational institution has the task to create comfortable conditions for students. But this must be done taking into account the fact, that the students are children aged 6 to 17, therefore, to organize hot water supply, the use of traditional energy sources that have a negative impact on the environmental situation at school is simply unacceptable. The only rational way out of this situation is the use of environmentally friendly renewable energy sources-the sun.

In this project, it is proposed to introduce a solar system. A set of solar water heating equipment is designed to organize hot water supply for domestic use.  It is not a secret for anyone that the prices for thermal and electric energy will only increase every year, and resources will become less and less. That’s why , the direction of this project is promising and relevant in the current situation, and the introduction of an environmentally friendly, energy-efficient installation will not only significantly reduce the cost of traditional fuel and electricity, but also receive environmentally friendly energy, preserving the environment.



Activities after the end of the project

Electricity consumption will decrease, there will be money savings. Students will have a pattern of energy savings from alternative energy sources.


Project budget

Capital investments in the implementation of energy-saving measures include:

- solar vacuum collector (LS2/30, 30 pipes) complete with mounting frame 32 pieces – 24000$;

- solar station ST (pump, safety group, controller, flowmeter, temperature sensors PT 1000) 8 pieces 4800$;

- solar expansion tank 25 liters 8 pieces 360$;

- storage tank (1000 l., double-circuit) 8 pieces 11200$;

- solar air heater 8 sets 480$;

- installation work 20420$;

- design work 4084$;

- expendable materials 2000$.

Total: 24000$ + 4800$ + 360$ + 11200$ + 480$ + 20420$ + 4084$ + 2000$ = 67344$



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