Workshop for Belarusian Signatories of Covenant of Mayors Took Place in Polotsk

Workshop for Belarusian Signatories of Covenant of Mayors Took Place in Polotsk

On December 15-16th workshop for representatives of the regional authorities and Energy Efficiency Department took place in Polotsk. The participants learnt how to work out Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAP), and activities for their cities and towns. This is to help the cities to enable effective participation in the Covenant of Mayors initiative.

The workshop on Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans was organized as part of the Covenant of Mayors East (CoM East) regional project. For two days about 30 representatives of regional authorities and Energy Efficiency Department of The State Committee for Standardization of Republic of Belarus learnt how to work outSustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans in their cities and towns. Such a plan should be elaborated by each signatory of the Covenant of Mayors. 
During the workshop technical experts from Belarus, Latvia and Ukraine shared their experience. They told the participants about the most successful activities realised within the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy initiative in the cities of Belarus, Ukraine and European Union.  
One of the elements of the Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan is adaptation strategy to climatic changes. The experts showed the participants how to elaborate and realise the corresponding activities for their cities. As the winning example they took up the Italian city of Bologna and studied together the Adaptation plan of the city, developed in 2015.              

At the moment there are 17 active signatories of Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy in Belarus. Cities which joined it before 2016, are to reduce the СО2 emissions by 20% by the year 2020, and the new signatories are pursuing the goal of 30% by 2030. Vitebsk became the latest signatory, joining the initiative in November 2016. The full list of Belarusian signatories can be found on the official  Covenant of Mayors website

The workshop was organized by Covenant of Mayors East Office. This meeting has given off the start to a series of educational activities to be held by Covenant of Mayors East Office during the next several months. National expert of Covenant of Mayors in Belarus is Ivan Shchardanok. 

As the outcome of these educational events, the Signatories who have joined the Covenant of Mayors initiative, are supposed to develop their own Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan (SECAPs), investment plans in energy saving sphere and adaptation plans for the changing climatic conditions. This would help the cities and towns to international grants and credit resources to realise projects in cities and regions.

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