PL-BY-UA: Results of the contest for a project story!

PL-BY-UA: Results of the contest for a project story!

We are pleased to announce that the winner of our contest for a project story is Ulyana Terletska (Уляна Терлецька) from Ukraine who wrote a story about the Promo2Castles project (PBU2/0807). The 2nd place is awarded to Olga Korshun (Ольга Коршун) from Belarus, the author of a story about the ICTCompet project (PBU1/0594). Congratulations! The 3rd place was not awarded.

The aim of the contest launched on the Programme fan-page on Facebook was to promote projects implemented under the Programme and their effects by preparing texts illustrating them, i.e. a "project story" - an authentic story about a project, concerning one of the issues: how the idea of the project came about, project implementation, project effects - its impact on recipients, participants or people implementing the project, presented on the example of a specific person/ family/ group of people. More details about the contest:

The winning stories will be published soon. Thank you for participation and… see you in our future contests!


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