PL-BY-UA: New CROSSBORDERER 2020 magazine

PL-BY-UA: New CROSSBORDERER 2020 magazine

We are proud to share with you 2020 edition of the CROSSBORDERER magazine.

The future of the Programme is the main theme of this year CROSSBORDERER. We present among others: look on the preparation of new programmes on the EU external borders by Edmunds Snikeris, TESIM expert responsible inter alia for our Programme, the results of a social survey on current and future objectives of the Programme, as well as the so far results of PBU 2021-2027 preparation. In this issue, we have introduced new episode: „Portraits of regions”, in which we want to attract the PBU community with values of particular regions constituting the Programme area and present the region in the speech of its representative. We began the cycle with the Podlaskie Voivodeship and an interview with the Marshal of the Voivodeship, Artur Kosicki.

As always, you will also find brief recall of the past year - what happened in the Programme and within the projects as well as the annual ‘life cycle’ of the Programme, from September 2019 to September 2020.

The link to the magazine can be found below. It can be also downloaded from the ‘Library tab’ of this website.



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