PL-BY-UA: Competition for teenagers

PL-BY-UA: Competition for teenagers

We would like to inform you that there are two weeks left to complete the tasks and apply for the online competition “Together for Greener tomorrow!”. It is dedicated to teenagers aged 12-16 living in the Programme area.

The deadline for submission of e-applications is 31st July 2020 (till 12:00 of local time). The e-applications with fulfilled tasks must be sent to the e-mail of the corresponding Branch Office (please see the Rules below).

The list of the winners will be announced on the European Cooperation Day (21st September 2020) on the Programme webpage and fan-page winners (first six places) will be awarded with attractive promotional EU and Programme materials and gadgets.

We are waiting for your applications!

Documents for downloading:
Application Form
Consent to the processing of personal data

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