Persons with disabilities will jump the queue when crossing the border


On 31 May 2012, The Provisions “On Regime on the Border Entry Points of the Republic of Belarus” in the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the republic of Belarus No. 70 dated January 22, 2009. From now on, the persons with disabilities will be included into the list of persons who are allowed to jump the queue when crossing the border. 

The following persons will be allowed to jump the queue in the road-transport- and facilitated border entry points: persons who travel based on their certificates of a person disabled as a result of participation in the war, certificate of a disabled person's right to rebates, persons of the first disability group, and also persons who travel with children under the age of three years or with disabled children under the age of eighteen years with the third or fourth degree of loss of health”, states the document. 

For more information please read the Belarusian/ Russian version. 


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