International Certified Training Course

International Certified Training Course

The Belarusian Association of UNESCO Clubs Belarusian National NGO within operation of its Regional Resource Training Center   EDU-HUB  and with the support of the UNICEF representation in the Republic of Belarus  invites the specialists from Eastern Europe countries to take part in the international certified distance training course  "Management of Preventive Programs Intended for Children and Youth".  The official language will be russian. The course will take place from 27 March to 30 April 2017 (5 weeks). It covers 48 academic hours, practical work including. The raining is free of charge.

Registration deadline is 27 March 2017. For registration:

1. Register at EDU-HUB platform :  Please, write your name in Cyrillic characters. Photo is mandatory. 

2. Enter the Platform and choose the training course (course No.3), enter and press "Enlistment to the cource; confirm your request. Course reference:

For more information see:  Annex.

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