The first eco-class for the sustainable use of natural resources opens In Vitebsk region of Belarus

The first eco-class for the sustainable use of natural resources opens In Vitebsk region of Belarus
The first Belarusian eco-class is equipped with modern interactive tools and devices for students to learn about the local nature features and unique Yelnya peatland in particular.
The opening ceremony of the first specialized eco-class “Native Nature” took place in the village Germanovichi, Sharkovshchina district, Vitebsk region.
“You are lucky to have your school located in the immediate vicinity of the "Yelnya" National Landscape Reserve, - said Igor Kachanovskiy, the Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection addressing the local school students and teachers. – We need competent experts to maintain and preserve the unique Yelnya peatland. The work of environmental class is designed to master the students and the local population knowledge on the peatland, to improve the level of ecological culture.
Inna KlimenkovaUNDP Programme Associate thanked the project team, as well as partners – Coca-Cola Company and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection, for the fruitful cooperation in the ecological class creation. She also noted that students are an appreciative target audience through which you can have an impact on the parents and the community at large. "Further work to duplicate the results achieved will mostly depend on the national authorities. Let this school will be a good example,"- underlined Inna Klimenkova.
Angelica Melnikova, head of the "Coca-Cola Beverages Belarus” internal communication and public relations agreed with UNDP representative: “Such projects should stimulate local authorities to act independently in the sphere of environmental protection”.
Yuri Vasilevskiy, Deputy Chairman of the Sharkovshchina District Executive Committee was hopeful of the project further development: "I am confident that this class opening is just the first step towards environmental activities in our region. We have a unique base already established."
The eco-class work aims at raising awareness of the local communities on sustainable management of natural resources, stimulating social activity in nature protection issues, promoting responsible environmentally-friendly behavior.
Eco-class is supposed to become a new tourist destination to contribute to the development of eco-tourism potential of the region.
The class has been created with financial support of UNDP-Coca-Cola Foundation "Building community capacity for sustainable management of water resources to preserve Elnya peatland" with the Ministry of Nature Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Belarus participation.
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