European Training Foundation launches campaign on Digital Skills

European Training Foundation launches campaign on Digital Skills

The European Training Foundation (ETF) has launched a campaign focused on Digital Skills in the EU's neighbouring regions. Throughout the month of March, experts and practitioners at national, regional, and international level will share evidence and opinions on digital skills and learning in the workplace. They will also provide information on how education and training systems are preparing the future workforce and empowering citizens.

The materials related to the campaign can be found on the ETF’s various channels with the tags #Skills4future and #digitalskills.

The March campaign is based on the ETF’s mapping reports on the response of education and training systems in the EU's neighbourhood during the health crisis, and the recent ETF publication ‘Changing Skills for a Changing World’.

The Foundation supports the development of digital key competences through several of its initiatives, including Creating New LearningNetwork of Excellence  and Skills for Development initiatives.

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