EU4Youth mentors to help young Belarusians find employment or start their own business

EU4Youth mentors to help young Belarusians find employment or start their own business

A youth employability mentorship institute has opened its doors in the Homieĺ region of Belarus as part of the EU4Youth project.

According to Artsyom Karpenka, head of the human resources department of the Homieĺ regional organisation of the Belarus Red Cross, the mentorship institute brings the project to a new stage.

“More than 20 people — the employees of the Belarus Red Cross, of labour, employment and social security authorities and volunteers — will become youth employability mentors.  A special training on ‘Instruments for mentorship and business’ was organised for them. The participants got acquainted with the aspects of ‘mentor-student’ pairs formation, and studied interactions with beneficiaries,” Karpenka explained.

The chairman of the reginal organisation of the Belarus Red Cross Ala Smaliak underlined that trainings on business skills formation will be also held for enterprising young people from the region: “All together during this year the project will offer help with employment to more than 20 inhabitants of the region aged from 18 to 31. They will be able to acquire useful skills, increase their chances for successful employment or for starting their own business.”

The beneficiaries of the project also have an opportunity to follow retraining courses. Some young people have already used this opportunity. Ala Smaliak said there were six project information centres in the region affiliated to the labour, employment and social security authorities, in Homieĺ, Rahačoŭ, Karma, Mazyr and Rečyca. Young people who are experiencing difficulties finding a job can approach these centres, join the project and use the mentorship services.

Since 2019 when the project was launched in the region more than 100 local young people have acquired additional knowledge and skills on look for employment, setting up a business, and received other support.

The ‘EU4Youth: fostering potential for greater employability’ project aims at the development of professional and technical skills for employability and entrepreneurship primarily for socially vulnerable young men and women. The partners of the project in Belarus are the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, regional and district executive committees of the Homieĺ and the Mahilioŭ regions, their regional organisations of the Belarusian Red Cross Society, regional youth non-governmental organisation “League of Youth Voluntary Service”, non-governmental organisation “Youth Entrepreneurship Support and Development centre”, and the international public association “Gender Perspectives”.

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EU4Youth: fostering potential for greater employability

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