Amendments in the Law on Parties and Non-Governmental Organizations will be considered by the deputies at the spring session


The draft law “On Entering Addenda and Amendments in Certain Laws of the republic of Belarus on the Issues of Activities of Political Parties and other Non-Governmental Organizations” is scheduled for consideration in the first reading by the House of Representatives at the forthcoming spring session, said to  BELTA  Tamara Krasovskaya, vice chair of the House of representatives’ Standing Commission on Human Rights, National Relations, and Mass Media.

The draft law provides for such innovation as transformation of an NGO into a political party, said Tamara Krasovskaya. Also amendments will be entered which bring the provisions of law into compliance with the Civil Code.

Liquidation of NGOs, political parties, their unions and organizational structures will be simplified. A notion of the department of an international NGO will be introduced.



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