Ukraine: NGOs will be allowed to render social services to the population at the expence of the budget

According to the government portal, the law allowing NGOs to render social services at the expense of the budget has been adopted. 

“Approximately 60% of social services in the world are rendered by non-governmental organizations. Such services are of better quality, and we should strive for this”, commented the vice-Premier-minister of the Ukraine, Minister of social policy Sergey Tigipko

The vice-Premier mentioned that the list of services in which rendering NGOs may be involved has been specified. The next step is the elaboration of standards and mechanisms of purchasing such services, in order to prevent from corruption. Moreover, a system of control of NGO’s activities in this field will be elaborated. 

Sergey Tigipko also appealed to local administration for implementation of pilot projects aimed at rendering social services by NGOs, so that to expand such approach throughout the country by 2014. 

See the text of the Law of the Ukraine “On entering amendments in the active laws of the Ukraine on rendering social services” at the web-page