Amendments to the Law on Non-Governmental Organizations and Political Parties are prepared

The draft law “On making amendments and addenda in certain laws of the republic of Belarus related to activities of political parties and other non-governmental organizations” was introduced for consideration to the House of Representatives on July 31. The Law provides for entering amendments in the Law on Non-Governmental Organizations, in particular:

-            the notion of a non-governmental organization will be changed through replacement the purpose of creation thereof from “common implementation of civil, social, cultural and other rights” to “achieving common purposes mentioned in the statute”;

-            probability of transformation of an NGO into a political party is provided;

-            the number of documents required for the state registration will be reduced; requirements to the availability of residents of the administrative-territorial units, among the founders of any local and republican NGOs will be changed;

-            procedure of registration, in Belarfus, of structural units of international NGOs created outside Belarus will me more detailed;

-            an additional ground for liquidation of an NGO (non-submission of accounts within three successive years) and a simplified procedure of liquidation of NGOs are proposed. 

The draft law (in Russian) is available at: 

Analysis of the draft law made by the Center of Legal Transformation is available at: 

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