Youth Trainers Academy

Youth Trainers Academy

Training Course

28 November - 7 December 2020, Vilnius, Lithuania

Application deadline 07 September 2020

Youth Trainers Academy is probably one of the strongest and impactful train-the-trainer project for Youth workers in Europe and Beyond. This year we are again inviting apply and join us in beautiful Vilnius. Different brave world - it needs trainers!

Who can apply?

Any youth worker involved in initiatives, projects, organisation for which transferring knowledge, experiences and best-practices are key factors for individuals’ and/or organisational development.

For many, becoming a trainer is a call, a wish to give back and/or a path towards self development. You can have a look at some elements about what it takes to be a trainer, that will illustrate some of the elements expected from you.

In order to apply to this event, we will ask from you:

* A motivation letter stating why you are the right person to attend YTA 2020 (2 A4 pages maximum)
* Clearly state whether Student (it’s compulsory to provide a copy of a valid a time of the event student ID/card, picture or scan) or Professional. If not mentioned, you’ll be subjected to Professional fee by default.
CV pointing out all the activities, initiatives, international projects you’ve been involved within and/or outside your organisation
* To be ready to transfer 200 EUR as confirmation of your selection when that time will come.


* A support letter from a Trainer, aka Angel, willing and ready to follow up on your development and support you for the next year (till December 2021) (***) (****). Make sure that we have her/his email address.
This one is not compulsory, as we can provide an “Angel” if you don’t have any or request one who will accepted among our volunteers.

Be aware that only complete applications will be considered for selection.

Apply now!

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