Better and Easier Lifelong Learning Education - BELLE online platform

Better and Easier Lifelong Learning Education - BELLE online platform

E-learning 31 January 2020 - 31 December 2022, Spain

The BELLE platform has been developed with the aim to facilitate the access to lifelong learning opportunities for adults. It has 6 free introductory level learning modules in 7 EU languages. **OPEN NOW**

The online learning platform, consists of the offer of a range of training modules for adult learners available in 7 EU languages. The platform is created in a way to ease the access for learners of getting to the core information they would like to find and will operate as a learning resource for the newly created course topics. Various training materials and information related to course provision, methodologies and innovative learning solutions will be also available thanks to the community of practice which will be integrated into the learning platform.

This free online platform ( has 6 different online courses that helps to promote the acquisition of tools that allow the users to enter the workplace more effectively and with the ability to continue learning throughout the entire life course.

The courses are: 

 1. How to develop your soft skills
 2. How to find opportunities in the EU
 3. How to improve your digital competences
 4. How to interact with other cultures
 5. How to become an entrepreneur
 6. How to build your professional career

The platform is addressed to various target groups, starting from individual adult learners, vulnerable groups, NEETs as well as people in situation of unemployment, young adult learners or seniors, as well as all potential users who find it beneficial for them.

The training is also useful for youth leaders and youth workers with interest in one or more of the modules mentioned above. 

Application deadline: 29 December 2019.

More details are available at